Whimsical Romance

Sarah Ragsdale

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Life is like one big romance. This collection of songs is about that romantic story called life, and the ups and downs that come along with it. Based on true stories, mixed with some fantastical exaggerations, this is a fun and playful album of the vast array of emotions that come along with relationships. Written at various stages throughout her life, these are raw stories that have been tried and tested at the piano, even with audience involvement – some relying on percussive snapping and clapping. Feelings range from happiness and pure bliss like in the song “This Kiss”, to a character of craziness and denial like “Next Time”, to more intimate reflections like in “Paranoia”, while others emit strength and moving on. Raw and rustic, catchy and melodic, this album has hints of blues, jazz, and even ragtime.

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  1. 1 This Kiss 03:34 Lyrics
  2. 2 Next Time 04:26 Lyrics
  3. 3 Paranoia 04:13 Lyrics
  4. 4 Ferris Wheel 02:50 Lyrics
  5. 5 Locomotion 04:12 Lyrics
  6. 6 Butterfly 04:44 Lyrics
  7. 7 Man of the Sea 03:14 Lyrics
  8. 8 Diamonds 03:07 Lyrics
  9. 9 Wedding Day 03:58 Lyrics
  10. 10 Ragstime 02:38 Lyrics

This has been such an incredible journey - life, love, friends, and piano bars! Thank you to all those who have provided moral support and of course contributed to the GoFundMe page. Follow that journey at www.gofundme.com/romance  

Here's where it all started!

And here's when the goal was reached on 1/4/17!

Whimsical Lovers

Thank you to all these original "Whimsical Lovers" who made the pledge to support this album project - believing in the ideas, the dreams, and the goal in it's initial GoFundMe stages. Thank you for keeping me going through all of the ups and downs along the way. Your support truly and sincerely means so much to me. 


Al Ingalls
Alan and Pam Ray
Alan Siegfried
Alia El Mohandes
Alice Triplin
Alicia Cardenas
Alton Brantley
Anthony Cook
Anthony Escobar
Antonio Glover
Art Mcpherson
Brittany Bayless
Bryan Roley
Byron Bah
Caleb Grabowski
Cara Baldini
Carisa Reyes
Carol and Melody
Carolyn Lyn
Chelsea Keating
Chris Bryant
Claire Italy
Craig Beckley
Cyril Daniel
"Dedicated" David Green
D. Atienza
Dave and Jeane
Dave Troutman
David Phillips
Diana Jenkins
Dino Broccolino
Dominico Idoni
Don Lander
Don Watkins
douglas mason
Ed Kidera
Ed Sedenka
Ed Wood
Eligio Velez
Emily Driver
Eric and Anne Marie Stone
Eric Majic
Ericka Boston
Erwina Brillantes
Freya Reyes
Gary Grant
Gerald Kelly
Greg Brillantes
Gregory Gunzelman
Gretchen Knowles
Hez Delcallar
Howard Nievod
Jabari Lee
Jackie and Bob Newman
Jaime and Cristina Vasquez
Jaime Reyes
Jaime Urbina
Jay Cohen
Jean and Patrick Crotty
Jeanne and David
Jeremy James
Jerry Newlin
Jess Brooks
Jessica Carleton
Jodie Dailey
Joe Pusateri
john brillantes
John Duclos
John OKeefe
Jonathan Hunter
Jonathan Lucy
Jordan Patterson
Joseph Siegel
Karen Araujo
Karen Vassar
Kate Dear
Kavita and Michael
Keith Newnam
Kelly Baker-Yalowicki
Kevin Kool
Kristin Brillantes
Larry Mercier
Lee Ann Butler-Owens
Lisa Corell
Marc Brady
Mark and Winnie Navarro
Mark Gaunya
Mark Peay
Mary Nicklin
Maureen Grant
"Melvis" Mohan Ray
Michael Kilpatrick
Michael Meritis
Mike Dramby
Molly Speicher
Nancy Gunzelman
Nate Piper
Odell Dickerson
Oliver Galita
P Brophy
Paola Garcia
Patricia McDonald
Patricia Sanchez
Renata Fries
Rey Thomas
Ricky Patrick
Robert Entwistle
Robert Kearney
Rogelio Barrandey
Ron Lingenfelder
Sabyasachi Roy
San Diego
Scott Prince
Shail Thakker
Shandrea Elisa
Shannon Reyes
Shelly Tumbach
ST and Robin
Steve and Patti Ragsdale
Steve and Michele Blazek
Steven Bailey
Susan Eberhard
Suzanne and Mark Woodard
Suzanne Mesol
Suzanne Perry
Tori Helene
Tammy Lightner
Tara Girch
"Terrific" Ted Brillantes
Teresa Grubb Chapman
Thomas Bundy
Thomas SunBear and Ariana
Tim and Kristin Mitchell
Timothy Molony
Tom Marnane
Tony Brillantes
Tony and Sharon Schumacher
Tracie McNeair
Walter Kennell
Wayne Carter
Wes Dennis
William Hackley
William Spicknall
Yvette Coto
Zenaida Baker