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Music with a Message - 'epiphany' 

I just heard this song 'Epiphany' on Taylor Swift's new album 'folklore' that was released overnight. I am so touched by this song and wanted to share it. I think it is really about heroes - the heroes that we should do everything we can to protect.

"epiphany" by Taylor Swift and Aaron Dessner 

Keep your helmet 

Keep your life, son 

Just a flesh wound 

Here's your rifle 

Crawling up the beaches now 

Sir, I think he's bleedin' out 

And some things you just can't speak about 

With you, I serve 

With you, I fall down Down 

Watch you breathin' 

Watch you breathin' out Out 

Something med school 

Did not cover 

Someone's daughter 

Someone's mother 

Holds your hand through plastic now 

Doc, I think she's crashin' out 

And some things you just can't speak about 

Only twenty minutes to sleep 

But you dream of some epiphany 

Just one single glimpse of relief 

To make some sense of what you've seen