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Whimsical Romance

Sarah Ragsdale

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Life is like one big romance. This collection of songs is about that romantic story called life, and the ups and downs that come along with it. Based on true stories, mixed with some fantastical exaggerations, this is a fun and playful album of the vast array of emotions that come along with relationships. Written at various stages throughout her life, these are raw stories that have been tried and tested at the piano, even with audience involvement – some relying on percussive snapping and clapping. Feelings range from happiness and pure bliss like in the song “This Kiss”, to a character of craziness and denial like “Next Time”, to more intimate reflections like in “Paranoia”, while others emit strength and moving on. Raw and rustic, catchy and melodic, this album has hints of blues, jazz, and even ragtime.

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Now is the time to speak up. Save our democracy.  


This man (Trump) has just told us that he wants to throw away our votes and remain in power – no joke, no gaffe, no excuses – watch the video. If you are planning to vote for Trump this election, and I know that I have those friends out there, I am talking directly to YOU. THIS IS EVERYTHING. This is our DEMOCRACY. This is what our ancestors FOUGHT and DIED for – the ability to vote, to have a government by the people. We have fought fascist dictators before, we have fought for our independence from tyranny. The nature of democracy means that it is long and tough and it requires constant struggle, and our impatience makes it fragile – fragile to one who says that he alone can fix it. However, if you fall for the line, entrusting one person to fix the things you want fixed, you have given up on our democracy, and you have voted in a dictator, as paradoxical as it sounds. If you are voting for someone who you know will do everything he can to stay in power – even if that includes not counting our votes – then I suggest you reconsider. Also, remember that even YOU may not always be in the dictator’s good graces. You may think that he works well for you today, but when he doesn’t, tomorrow, you have lost your right to a government by the people. 

Me, personally, my ancestors have fought for this country all the way back to the Revolutionary War. I would be ashamed to let this democracy slide into a dictatorship on my watch without at least voting against it and speaking out. I am outraged, you should be outraged, WE THE PEOPLE should be outraged that this man wants to destroy our democracy. Now is the time for everyone to speak up.

"It is our nature"...A thought for the times 

I have wondered how I can sing when our nation is on the brink of self-destruction? I can feel guilty enjoying anything knowing that American democracy is on the line. On the other hand, how can we not? “It is our nature”. We find enjoyment in what we can, as have humans throughout history in more difficult circumstances. This quote from C.S. Lewis on the brink of WWII puts it into perspective beautifully and so I put it on a pretty background to share. We continue and hope. So I will continue to create, but with that being said, I want to state my recognition of the severity of current circumstances - people hurting badly (some truly fighting for their lives) and our nation on a path of self-destruction. Another four years of this will endanger the freedoms that we hold dear and that are so easily taken for granted. The right to fight for our country’s direction, this rather young experiment, will not be the same - not my original thoughts but those of history. Through every song I write or note I sing, know that I have not forgotten the gravity of the challenges we now face- quite the opposite. I hope that our common celebration in humanity will allow the best parts of ourselves to prevail in a better and more just nation and world.

An Unexpected Announcement...MAN OF THE SEA Music Video Premiere 

MAN OF THE SEA Music Video Premiere on Saturday, Aug 1 at 8pm EST!!!  Set your reminder to join me in watching the live premiere: https://youtu.be/35VXkbJXZfo

OK so I have a confession and a little announcement.  I have been so incredibly ANTI-SOCIAL the last few months!! Let’s not kid ourselves, this has been really tough, especially here in NJ we were hit HARD with this virus at the very beginning of its trek through the US.  If this were normal programming, I would have just been arriving home after a 2-month contract playing and singing at sea.  I would have been ‘stationed’ in Galveston and cruising to all the beautiful Caribbean ports, playing music, meeting lots of awesome people, and making money!!  Well, cruising was necessarily shut down and I joined the group of corona-unemployed – and I can confirm – there’s just not many job replacements out there right now especially for a live performer!  I have taken this time to focus on some ‘home’ things – painting, going through clothes, trying to organize, etc.  It’s been a time of reflection. 

So last year I shot a music video with Douglas Ferguson (DAF21 Productions) for my song “Man of the Sea”.  We had gone through a few edits, and because I was being probably a bit hard to please, we had talked about doing another shoot for it, but had just not gotten around to it yet.  Well, I got to thinking this week, I’m just gonna put it out!  I’ve been thinking about the sea and how I would have JUST been arriving back home from a cruise gig, and now I FEEL SO INCREDIBLY LUCKY TO HAVE THIS VIDEO TO SHARE AT THIS TIME!  Doug just sent it over and now I’m like – YES!  I have some summer lovin’ to share with you!  So give me a few days to get it all together and I will be sharing with you a bunch of photos, clips, and the full music video.  I’m trying to get it ready to release by this weekend!!  It’s turning out to be my favorite video yet – and at just the right time when a little sand and waves are desperately needed!  Pic here is from the video!

Music with a Message - 'epiphany' 

I just heard this song 'Epiphany' on Taylor Swift's new album 'folklore' that was released overnight. I am so touched by this song and wanted to share it. I think it is really about heroes - the heroes that we should do everything we can to protect.

"epiphany" by Taylor Swift and Aaron Dessner 

Keep your helmet 

Keep your life, son 

Just a flesh wound 

Here's your rifle 

Crawling up the beaches now 

Sir, I think he's bleedin' out 

And some things you just can't speak about 

With you, I serve 

With you, I fall down Down 

Watch you breathin' 

Watch you breathin' out Out 

Something med school 

Did not cover 

Someone's daughter 

Someone's mother 

Holds your hand through plastic now 

Doc, I think she's crashin' out 

And some things you just can't speak about 

Only twenty minutes to sleep 

But you dream of some epiphany 

Just one single glimpse of relief 

To make some sense of what you've seen

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