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Whimsical Romance

Sarah Ragsdale

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Life is like one big romance. This collection of songs is about that romantic story called life, and the ups and downs that come along with it. Based on true stories, mixed with some fantastical exaggerations, this is a fun and playful album of the vast array of emotions that come along with relationships. Written at various stages throughout her life, these are raw stories that have been tried and tested at the piano, even with audience involvement – some relying on percussive snapping and clapping. Feelings range from happiness and pure bliss like in the song “This Kiss”, to a character of craziness and denial like “Next Time”, to more intimate reflections like in “Paranoia”, while others emit strength and moving on. Raw and rustic, catchy and melodic, this album has hints of blues, jazz, and even ragtime.

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Have you heard my EP "Opus Luna I-IV"? 

You may have heard my playful album "Whimsical Romance", but have you heard my haunting EP "Opus Luna I-IV"?  This is a collection of 4 songs that is inspired more from the classical side with a good dose of what I think of as 'nighttime music'.  This EP was released a few years ago under my artistic name at the time Zahra Universe.  Here's a link to the digital download: https://sarahragsdale.com/album/312925/opus-luna-i-iv

Tracks include: 1. Naked 2. Luna Lullaby 3. Vampires 4. Dirty Thoughts Dark

I had a few music videos from this EP.  Here they are:


"Dirty Thoughts Dark"

"Vampyress" (Lyrics Video)

A Donation for a Song! Bahamas Recovery Efforts 

Make a donation and request a song! 

💲🎶  Please visit www.facebook.com/mzrags to get involved! 💲🎶

I have made many trips back and forth to the Bahamas while making music on cruise ships over this past year. I am so saddened to learn of the devastation caused by Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas, and I understand that it will be a long road to recovery.  All Hands and Hearts - Smart Response is one of the many wonderful organizations helping with this recovery and I would love to do what I can to support their efforts in the Bahamas.  They have excellent ratings on charity watch organizations and apparently $.96 of every dollar goes to their programs. 

I'm adding a musical twist to this ... just like we do in the piano bar... make a donation and request a song! In the comments you can write a few songs you think may be good to play and I can choose at least one. I will do my best to make a video of your request and do it live or post! 

I hope we can have some fun with this and do at least a little bit to help recovery efforts in the Bahamas.

Happy 4th of July and Updates! 

Happy Independence Day! This 4th of July I am embarking on a new voyage on Carnival Elation! I will be playing at the piano bar on this ship until September 2.  I can't wait to see what this next adventure brings!

My between-cruises break was filled with awesome learning opportunities traveling through Europe, visiting a fewplaces crucial to the battle on the European front of the military effort in WWII.  Places like Normandy on D-Day and Bastogne.  Those images and stories are still on my mind, especially today when we celebrate America's independence.

Enjoy the day with friends, family, (or crew members)!  What a wonderful time to be alive and able to create and share!  

Photo: Pointe du Hoc in between Omaha Beach and Utah Beach in Normandy, France.

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