Welcome! :)  I am a composer, singer, pianist, and actor with a new album on the way!  Please go to www.gofundme.com/romance for more updates on the album "Whimsical Romance"!  You may also know me as the pop artist 'Zahra Universe', but from now on, please call me by my real name Sarah Ragsdale! More about the name change HERE Peace, love, and romance... XOXO

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Check out the new song "Tolerance", my personal thoughts on a world standing together being better than a world divided.

Being Presidential! 

I am so very excited that Virginia's own Tim Kaine has been selected as Hillary Clinton's VP running mate!  Not too long ago I had the pleasure of meeting with both Senator Warner and Senator Kaine to receive recognition for "Sela Sela (Dance Together)" which was the Official Song of the Africa Cup 2013. Both of these gentlemen have a long history of service in politics to our state and country, but little did I know that one of them would now be a VP candidate - not that I am surprised! Here are a couple pictures, one with all smiles for the camera and one with the Senators checking out my cd! I thought it would be a fun time to share!

"Whimsical Romance" Album Mixing Complete! 

I cannot believe it, though it's definitely time! I think we completed the final mix today of the "Whimsical Romance" album! WOW! Thanks so much to the crew at Mobtown Studios for being so awesome to work with and working with me to make this vision come to life!  Thanks so much Mat, Emily, and Sean for everything you've done for this album, you are wonderful!

Still much more work to do! Mastering, artwork, printing, etc, but certainly a major milestone was met today! Thank you for being there for me and the continuous support along this musical journey. Please, keep sharing the gofundme as the project is still not complete by any means, but we are getting there! 

Sincere thanks, 

"Tolerance" New Song and Message Inspired by Recent Events 

I want to be involved in the discussion on how to increase love in the world... understanding, compassion, tolerance, and respect. We cannot permit attacks of hate on any of our brothers and sisters in the human race including, but certainly not limited to, faith, race, or sexual orientation. Divisions and misunderstandings will only encourage further hatred, while respect and understanding will allow us to conquer true hate, together with love.

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